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The Solar Wind Could Cause the Internet Apocalypse

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Wikilarge - The sun always showers the Earth with a mist of magnetic particles called the solar wind. Fortunately, Earth's magnets can block most of these winds so they don't cause any damage.

However, experts warn sometimes every century or so, those winds can escalate into solar storms. If a solar storm occurs and hits Earth, it could cause an "internet apocalypse".

This condition will result in most people going offline for weeks or months. Even so, extreme solar storms are relatively rare. Scientists estimate the probability of extreme space weather directly impacting Earth between 1.6 percent and 12 percent per decade.

Reporting from Live Science, Tuesday (7/9/2021), on the other hand millions of people can also lose their livelihood if the network does not function for months. The team of scientists added that network operators should start taking the threat of extreme solar weather seriously as the global internet infrastructure continues to evolve.

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