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The Reason People Who Have Been Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Can Still Be Infected And Transmit The Corona Virus

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Wikilarge - Not a few people may still think that after getting two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, they will be immune, it is impossible to get infected or transmit the coronavirus.

Are you one of those who think so? If so, you should change your opinion. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Lyssette Cardona, MD from Cleveland Clinic, explained that vaccination is indeed one of the best weapons to fight Covid-19.

But, he stressed, vaccination will not make anyone 100 percent immune to the disease, even in the case of Covid-19, they have received the full dose.

"No vaccine offers 100 percent protection against disease, but it could give you a better chance of fighting off the infectious consequences of exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus," explains Dr. Cardona was published on the Clevelan Clinic page, Monday (14/6/2021).

Many people may wish to be free from social distancing and the need to wear masks after getting vaccinated. But, Dr. Cardona warned that now was not the time to be careless.

Even though you have received a complete vaccination, there is still a possibility for anyone to be infected with Covid-19.

Complete vaccination means that a person has completed a series of Covid-19 vaccines as recommended for the best protection against severe complications such as hospitalization and/or death.

Dr. Cardona himself has found that several people who have been vaccinated between doses one and two and people who have received both doses of the vaccine are still tested positive or infected with Covid-19. How it happened, he linked to the risk of exposure or where people are in the vaccination process.

Dr. Cardona explained that immunization with the Covid-19 vaccine would provide the best protection within two weeks of being fully vaccinated. If a person is tested positive for Covid-19 or falls ill a few days later, he or she is most likely exposed before being fully vaccinated. "There have been cases of disease and/or exposure reported after the vaccine, but the complications of disease for those who have not been vaccinated are greater," he explained.

People who have been vaccinated can still transmit the coronavirus

Dr. Cardona believes that people who have received complete vaccinations may still transmit the coronavirus to others, including those who have also received vaccinations. But, according to him, a person's ability to transmit Covid-19 after getting a full dose of vaccine is likely to be lower.

“The elderly, people with immune or chronic health conditions or who have underlying health conditions may not have the best protective response to vaccines, such as the Covid-19 vaccine. We are still collecting data and conducting ongoing research on the vaccine response in this vulnerable population."

How long does the Covid-18 vaccine last in the body?

According to Dr. Cardona and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the exact time frame for protection from the Covid-10 vaccine is unknown at this time. He said each person can tolerate vaccines differently.

So, the the scientific community is still studying natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity-related to Covid-19. "We don't know exactly how long the vaccine will protect us once it's fully vaccinated.

However, the CDC and experts are still working to determine the answer to this question and will continue to notify us of any changes." "But one thing we do know is that vaccination is still a safer option to prevent serious illness for you, your loved ones, and for the benefit of our community."

So, if someone has not been vaccinated or has not completed the vaccination stage, Dr. Cardona recommends doing it right away.

Still have to carry out health protocols

Meanwhile, launching the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO), it was conveyed that everyone who has been vaccinated must continue to protect others and implement preventive measures. The preventive measures referred to by WHO are known in Indonesia as health protocols, such as:

  • Keep physical distance
  • Wearing a mask
  • Diligently wash hands with running water and soap.
  • Avoid crowded places

Everyone needs to understand that even after being vaccinated, anyone still has a chance of contracting the coronavirus. To prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, people need to be disciplined in implementing health protocols. “Although the Covid-19 vaccination is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. No one is protected until everyone is protected," the WHO wrote.

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