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50 Questions To Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose

how to find life's purpose
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Wikilarge - If you want to live a happy life, then you MUST spend some time deciding what you want to do with your life, and then make the effort to live that life with passion.

It’s up to you!

No one else is going to do it for you.

So, take some time out from your busy day-to-day routine, and consider the following questions.


1. What is my life’s purpose?

2. If I had to take the best guess at my life’s purpose, what would it be?

3. Who am I?

4. What is the most important thing in my life?

5. What do I love to do, more than anything else?

6. If I had only six months left to live, what would I like to achieve?

7. What would I like to leave the world, as my legacy?

8. What would I do with my life, if I knew I could not fail?

9. If money, or time, or current responsibilities were not an issue, what would I like to do with my life, more than anything else in the world?

10. What activities have I discovered that give me the most pleasure?

11. What do I still want to learn?

12. When I was a child, what did I dream of doing with my life?

13. What has been the greatest challenge that I have overcome so far in my life? Could I help other people to overcome that same challenge?

14. What challenge would I love to overcome, and then help others achieve the same?

15. Who are the people I most admire?

16. Why do I admire these people?

17. How would I define their life’s purpose?

18. What qualities do these people possess that I’d also like to be known for?

19. What is the biggest dream I have ever had for my life?

20. What subjects did I enjoy most in school?

21. What sport have I most enjoyed?

22. What art or craft have I most enjoyed?

23. What social activity have I most enjoyed?

24. What hobbies have I pursued?

25. What hobbies do I wish I had pursued?

26. What would I like to do, if only other people didn’t think it was silly?

27. Where in the world would I most like to live?

28. Who would I like to live therewith?

29. Where in the world would I like to work?

30. Who would I most like to work with?

31. What would my perfect day be like?

32. Is there a spiritual side to me, waiting to be unleashed?

33. What would I like to do, RIGHT NOW, which would bring me the most happiness or pleasure?

34. What special gift do I have that I could give to the world?

35. What makes me cry with joy, or brings tears to my eyes?

36. What would I like to do this weekend, just for fun?

37. If I could be granted the power to change the world, what would I do?

38. If I were given three wishes, what would they be?

39. What is something that scares me a bit, but would be really exciting if I did it?

40. What does my heart say I am to do with my life?

41. What qualities do I possess that I am really proud of?

42. What have I done in my life that I am really proud of?

43. If I had time available to contribute to a charity, or some cause, what would it be?

44. What am I usually doing when I suddenly realize that time has flown by, and all my focus has been on that one task?

45. What do I want to do on my next vacation?

46. Who in history would I most love to be, and why?

47. What do I most regret not doing, so far in my life?

48. At the end of my life, what would I most regret not having done?

49. What is my life’s purpose?

50. If I had to take the best guess at my life’s purpose, and just get started with something that excites me, what would it be?


Ponder these questions for a while. Pick out one that you can really relate to, and ask yourself the question over and over and over, until you have an answer.

The answers are within. If you ask, you will receive your answer.

You can live a life of purpose. You can live a life of passion and success! Ask, until you get your answer. And then take massive action. It’s worth it, I promise.

17 comments for "50 Questions To Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose"

  1. Baca pertanyaannya jadi kayak bicara sama diri sendiri. Sepertinya butuh waktu untuk merenungkan kembali tujuan hidup

  2. No 29 -> In a comfortable place, with a cool room, there are donuts and favorite mango juice, as well as a soft mattress
    Lah kamar tidur dong 🤣

  3. Wah jadi intropeksi diri pas membaca hampir semua pertanyaan, yang kadang relate banget sama kehidupan sehari-hari

  4. Wow, this is great. So from these various questions, we come to know many things about our lives. It can even look for solutions or steps to be taken.
    Thank you for sharing, Mas

  5. Sepertinya untuk menjawab semua pertanyaan ini nggak bisa dalam sekali duduk ya. Diperlukan berkali-kali kontemplasi diri menjawab satu demi satu pertanyaan sampai akhirnya menemukan life purpose kita.

  6. jadi seperti menjawab untuk ngebuat CV kalau mau buat lamaran beasiswa nih. mari kita coba jawab sekalian kontemplasi

  7. Ngomongin tujuan hidup rasanya bikin merenung kembali ya kak.

    Aku kadang lost kadang back lagi.

    Btw pertanyaan nya banyak, kudu dituliskan di buku harian neh jawabannya. Hehe

  8. This is the hardest thing of my life. Ask myself to know ourself. Those questions really makes us know ourself more. Thanks to remembering us to know ourself.

  9. Artha Nugraha JonarApril 29, 2021 at 8:05 AM

    There was a time when I also experienced anxieties in my life.worrying about not being able to work. It turns out that finding the meaning of life starts with questions to yourself.

  10. njawabnya perlu perenungan nih, pertanyaannya dalam...
    Emang kadang perlu menanyakan kembali pada diri ini pertanyaan pertanyaan tersebut, karena kadang terlalu mengikuti arus yang membuat terlena dan lupa tujuan...

  11. No. 6 dan 7, buat kita selalu ingat mati ya. Tapi gak apa-apa, biar kita jadi fokus ke tujuan hidup.
    Pertanyaannya berasa self talk banget ya.

  12. Ask your self is more meaningfull than just do routines activities like a robot or machine. I think all of those questions above could have been answer all of problem we face everyday. It can be named Ikigai in Japan trust.

  13. Waduuh jujur aja ini ketakutan aku banget wkwkwk. Tapi emang mesti dihadapi. Kesimpulannya malah aku masih belum kenal diriku sendiri dengan baik ckckckc.

  14. Mantap banget pertanyaan-pertanyaannya... Buat bahan renungan nanti malam nih... Terima kasih ya :)

  15. waduh waduh, berbobot sekali pertanyaan pertanyaannya
    mau tak coba ah, sekalian merenung

  16. That's true. Pertanyaan ini bisa digunakan untuk mencari apa tujuan hidup kita sebenarnya. Aku beberapa kali ikut kelas motivasi dan pemberdayaan diri. Untuk mengenali diri sendiri, kita harus tahu dulu apa tujuan yang ingin kita raih. What is the purpose of our life?